How to nail your first cake.

How to nail your first cake.

I often hear people say that baking is difficult or that it is not their cup of tea, but when you look at it positively, it can be a cakewalk. Thus, today I will share ten tips that will help you bake the perfect cake on your first try.

1. Follow the recipe exactly.

I cannot seem to not emphasise this more, if you are a baking beginner, kindly follow the recipe to the point, it does not matter which chefs recipe you use but as it is your first try, try not making your adjustments or alterations just yet, have faith in the recipe and follow it to the point. you can make your alterations later as you get familiar with the recipe.

2. Level your ingredients.

Levelling your ingredients will ensure that you have a perfect cake. If you do not level your ingredients you might end up putting more or less of an ingredient. Thus levelling is a must.

3. Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.

 Ingredient temperature plays an important role in ensuring your cake is perfect. Using room-temperature eggs, fat, and liquid is the key to achieving a nice, velvety batter. This is especially true when it comes to butter.

4.Use fresh baking powder and soda.

Has this happened with you that you have followed the recipe exactly to the point but still your cake does not rise? this can be due to using old baking soda or baking powder. An easy way to check if your powders are old is by dissolving the powders in hot water if they bubble they can be used if not use a fresh box.

5.Do not add excess liquid to the batter.

Adding extra milk or water will result in an extremely fragile cake, which might taste good but will be difficult to serve or unmould. thus only add a sufficient amount till you achieve a flowing batter.

6.Preheat your oven.

Preheating your oven provides it time to reach the correct temperature before you put anything in it is possibly the single most important thing you can do when you are baking a cake.

7. baking the cake at the correct temperature.

Baking the cake at the correct temperature allows your cake to not be under baked or overbaked. The ideal temperature settings should be between 165-185 degrees celsius.

8. Properly greasing the cake tin.

Properly greasing your cake tin will allow you to unmould your make without any problem. You can either place a piece of parchment paper at the end of your tin apply an even layer of butter with a thin coating of flour.

9. Check whether your cake is baked completely.

It is very important to check whether your cake is baked completely or not. To check this simply insert a toothpick into the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean your cake is baked through, if not bake it for another 5 – 10 minutes.

10. Unmoulding the cake.

Before unmoulding the cake allow it to cool completely, and run a sharp knife around its edges. Place a plate or wire rack upside down on the cake and flip the cake onto the plate/wire rack, your perfect cake is ready to be decorated or served.

Do use these tricks when making your next cake for any further help feel free to contact me through email. I am always happy to help. until next time stay safe, stay healthy.

Hi, I am Dhruv Surana I was interested in cooking and baking since I was 9. I started with baking small cakes for my family on various occasions. Later as I grew up, everyone started appreciating my work. I started getting orders from my family friends too. My interest then deepened. I started the food blog ( recently and started uploading various recipes on it. I then thought of letting others add in their recipes and get featured on the blog too. The blog is purely to showcase my passion and love for cooking. I love trying out new recipes and adding a twist from my side. Every time I get a call from someone regarding a cooking tip or help, I get really excited and happy. I love to help them out. My aim is to reach out to the maximum number of people possible and encourage young ones to cook too. My mother, maternal grandmother and Chef Pooja Dhingra have been my source of inspiration. They have encouraged me and helped me through every step very patiently. I am forever grateful to them. One thing my father always told me, is that keep trying and learning new things. There is a lot to learn from each and everyone around you and I would like to do just that.

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    Really helped me! Keep going

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    awesome mate

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    Super cool! This will really help when I bake my cakes! Thanks 🙂

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