How do I get an education in the UK?

You will need a B2 (Advanced) level of English and General English. Learning a new language from scratch usually takes you through the following steps:


Learning the basics of grammar

Writing simple essays on various topics (even when translating simple texts)

Writing and expressing basic information orally and in written form.

Conversational English

Business English

Travel Preparation

The training program on the average includes the following stages: English lessons of 20-30 minutes, grammar and communication courses (GRC), preparation for the international exam IELTS, courses for international legal training, in-depth study of the chosen specialty, vocational training.

However, at admission to higher educational institutions of Great Britain in most cases applicants are required to pass the pre-examination internship at the college of the university, because after passing the examinations of admission to the university several months of internship follow, during which the necessary level of preparation for studying in British universities is provided.

The exception is the University of Surrey Academy. This internship requires a university certificate and proof of language skills at the practical level, which gives the right to work in England or Spain.

To prepare for the IELT you need an English Language Test Recognition Task. After successfully passing the IELT, you receive a certificate confirming your fluency in English.

Master’s degree programs may be offered if the certificate is obtained.

The University is located in Stratford-upon-Avon, about 2 hours by car from London. The language of instruction is English. To enter university English must be a language of international communication. Classes take place three times a week.

The duration of studies is 2 years. In the end the certificate of the University of Strawbridge, University of Birmingham or University of Liverpool is issued.

The cost of the yearly study program is about 45,000 rubles (including enrollment fee and Students International admission fee), the cost of accommodation is about 1700 rubles per week (student hostel with 16 hours of free time). The entry fee is about £3,000.

Other University of Sheffield preparation options are also available, check with our specialists for more details.

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